Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Bzzagent

I was really excited to get an invite to join the Filippo Berio campaign because lately I have been searching for an affordable and great tasting olive oil. I have never really been in to olive oil because I didn't like the taste. Then a couple of months ago I read an article that explained that a lot of the olive oils in the store sit on store shelves for longer than they should and some just aren't made well. These two facts really make a difference in the taste of olive oil. I realized that the flavor I didn't like from olive oil was just a sign that it had gone bad. I started trying different brands and have begun to love olive oil. 

Filippo Berio is a very well made brand. It has a light, delicate taste. This is a sign that it is well made. It also has a clearly printed expiration date, which is another great indicator that you are buying a quality olive oil. The flavor is impeccable. I have fallen in love with the delicate and fresh taste.

My bzzkit came with a great substitution chart for using olive oil in place of butter in recipes. If you would like to print one out you can find the substitution chart here:

If you would like to read up about the wonderful health benefits of olive oil check out this page of their website:

It is dedicated to explaining the health benefits of olive oil. Not only will it most likely answer all of your questions, but they offer wonderful recipes as well to get you started.

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