Thursday, May 10, 2012

Private Selection Taste of Summer BzzAgent Campaign

Woo Hoo! I just got chosen to participate in the Private Selection Taste of Summer campaign through BzzAgent! I saw that this campaign was launching and hoped I would be chosen because Private Selection is my very favorite food brand. What I love about Private Selection is that I can buy high quality food for a fraction of other high end brands. More often than not, Private Selection is better tasting than other brands, so it has become my go-to brand. I know when I buy Private Selection I will get the highest quality ingredients and the best taste, for so much less than an expensive brand. I'm also excited because I will be able to pick up the products in this campaign at my local Fred Meyer, which is where I do about 98% of my shopping.

Here is what my invitation said would come in my kit:
  • A bag of Private Selection® Sea Salt Kettle Chips 
  • A coupon to try a Private Selection® Six-Inch pie totally FREE 
  • Coupons to save on Private Selection® Angus and Ice Cream 
  • Pass-along coupons to share with the people you talk to

I have tried many Private Selection items but this will be my first time trying the kettle chips, six-inch pie, and the Angus. I will write another post once I receive my bzzkit and let you know what I think of these products.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Bzzagent

I was really excited to get an invite to join the Filippo Berio campaign because lately I have been searching for an affordable and great tasting olive oil. I have never really been in to olive oil because I didn't like the taste. Then a couple of months ago I read an article that explained that a lot of the olive oils in the store sit on store shelves for longer than they should and some just aren't made well. These two facts really make a difference in the taste of olive oil. I realized that the flavor I didn't like from olive oil was just a sign that it had gone bad. I started trying different brands and have begun to love olive oil. 

Filippo Berio is a very well made brand. It has a light, delicate taste. This is a sign that it is well made. It also has a clearly printed expiration date, which is another great indicator that you are buying a quality olive oil. The flavor is impeccable. I have fallen in love with the delicate and fresh taste.

My bzzkit came with a great substitution chart for using olive oil in place of butter in recipes. If you would like to print one out you can find the substitution chart here:

If you would like to read up about the wonderful health benefits of olive oil check out this page of their website:

It is dedicated to explaining the health benefits of olive oil. Not only will it most likely answer all of your questions, but they offer wonderful recipes as well to get you started.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bzz Agent's Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance cat food campaign

Our cat Harold is one lucky guy. I recently was chosen to participate in Bzz Agent's Ideal Balance cat food campaign (made by Hill's Science Diet) . Sweet Harold got the opportunity to try a really high-quality cat food.

Harold is an outside cat. The day I received this cat food I put it on a shelf in my kitchen and stepped out to do some grocery shopping. When I was unloading groceries, Harold snuck into the house, as he does every grocery night. He usually comes in and warms up in a corner while I trek back and forth between the car and the kitchen with the groceries. I cracked up when I went into the kitchen because he was up on the shelving system sniffing around at the new cat food. This is something I've never seen him do. I scattered some of the new food for him in order to reenact the scene for a picture. Technically, I was supposed to gradually introduce this new cat food by mixing it with his old cat food to avoid tummy troubles. He was acting so desperate over this new bag of food that I did a no-no and let him have it straight. I know, I know, you are shaking your head. But. . .he had no tummy troubles!

When I put the food out for him it was so funny. Poor guy is used to cheap food. He frantically attacked the dry food like he had to hurry before it was stolen. It made me feel bad for buying him cheap food for so long.It's really no wonder that he went into a panic over the Ideal Balance cat food considering the first ingredient is fresh chicken. It also contains cranberries and other fruits and veggies. It's free of corn, artificial flavors, and preservatives.Ideal balance is brand new and just became available in stores this past December. It is available in kitten, adult, and mature adult formulas.

They also make a grain free formula for sensitive cats that enables easier digestion. For you dog lovers they have made a grain free dog food that has all the above mentioned benefits for your pal. Chicken is the first ingredient, it contains no corn, artificial colors, or preservatives. You can expect to see a noticeable improvement in your pets skin and coat. I highly recommend buying this product for your pet. It is well worth the price.

Monday, November 14, 2011


I was invited to try Kroger's The Truly Awesome™ Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies through BzzAgent. I was excited to try these cookies, because I love Kroger products. My bzzkit arrived a couple days ago. I was so happy to find out that these cookies contain no preservatives or artificial flavorings. They are made with the same ingredients that I would use to bake cookies in my own home.

The cookies are a pretty good size and were just introduced to Kroger stores earlier this year. There are eight large cookies per pack and retail for $2.79. You can find them exclusively at Kroger, Fred Meyer, and Ralphs stores.

I noticed on the back of the box it mentioned that if you warm the cookies first for a few seconds in the microwave they would taste like fresh oven baked cookies. I decided to put this to the test and I found that they really do taste like a fresh baked cookie when warmed first! These cookies are sure to please your family. Just look at the smile on my sons face as he enjoyed his cookies!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My thoughts on Burt's Bees Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin

I was invited to join the Burt's Bees Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin campaign for BzzAgent. I absolutely am in love with these products. I received a facial cleanser and a moisturizer. The facial cleanser is my favorite. It is a cream cleanser, which I love. It leaves my skin feeling soft, clean, and hydrated. It takes off makeup, including eye makeup,easily. The moisturizer leaves skin feeling hydrated and protected without being greasy.

I have very sensitive skin, even a lot of natural products irritate my skin. Both the cleanser and the moisturizer are very gentle on sensitive skin. Cotton extract is added to this line of products to soften skin. Rice extract and aloe are added to moisturize and soothe. This sensitive skin line also carries an eye cream and a night cream, which I can't wait to try. You can find Burt's Bees products at mass retailers (such as, Wal-mart and Target), drug stores, grocery stores, and natural health food stores nationwide. Learn more about this line of products on their facebook page: or here: